Mohammed: Turkey’s Best Kurdish Option

Idrees Mohammed writes in a guest column for Levantine Routes Turkey’s relationship with the Kurds is a sensitive and major longstanding political issue.  Paradoxically, Ankara is aware that it needs to better address Turkish-Kurdish ties and implement reforms, yet its inability to achieve genuine progress is a liability for Turkey’s national interests and foreign relations.  … More Mohammed: Turkey’s Best Kurdish Option

Levantine Routes Readership

Levantine Routes has reached a global audience in a short time period.  I wanted to thank all the readers and contributors who enjoy this site.  Apart from the United States, fans this past month have come predominately from Iraq, Israel, the United Kingdom, Myanmar, Australia and Lebanon. Thank you for your continued interest!

Assad’s Fate

Nick Ottens, a Dutch journalist and analyst at the geopolitical consulting firm Wikistrat, has a new piece in the Atlantic Sentinel in which he examines prospects for Assad’s survival and if he will seek refuge in an Alawite enclave in northwest Syria. Apart from his own analysis, Ottens includes insights from other Middle East specialists … More Assad’s Fate

More Danger in Sinai

A group of unknown Islamist jihadis are believed to be responsible for yesterday’s deadly attack in Sinai which left 16 Egyptians dead.  The Islamists allegedly entered Egypt via Gaza and were perhaps joined by other Bedouin in eastern Sinai.  Their goal was to ultimately infiltrate Israel and kill or kidnap soldiers and civilians.  Hamas for … More More Danger in Sinai

Olmert: Aleppo and the Future of Syria

Josef Olmert writes in a guest column for Levantine Routes The battle for Aleppo, Syria’s second largest city, is not “the decisive last battle” of the Syrian civil war.  The conflict is clearly leading to the removal of the current leadership from Damascus, as well as Aleppo, but not necessarily from Syria.  The Assad-Alawite –Ba’th … More Olmert: Aleppo and the Future of Syria