October 1-8, 2012 Links

Jordan, a nation which lacks natural resources and is heavily dependent on foreign assistance, is a strong US ally. While King Abdullah has prevented “Arab Spring” uprisings like in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen and Syria, he faces unprecedented challenges. A growing number of Jordanians are advocating that Jordan transform from an absolute monarchy to a … More October 1-8, 2012 Links

September 24-30, 2012 Links

Last week stories you may have missed from the Middle East and beyond: “Protesters Burn Bangladesh Buddhist Temples” Al-Jazzera “Qatar Urges ‘Arab Intervention’ in Syria” The Sydney Morning Herald “Egypt Mulling Qatari Proposal for Arab Intervention in Syria: Morsi Aide” Ahram Online “Turkey’s Kurdish Calculus” Wall Street Journal “Israel Finance Minister Says Iran Economy ‘on … More September 24-30, 2012 Links