Book Review in the Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs

RIFAReviewed in the Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs by David Sultan, former Israeli Ambassador to Egypt.

What was Gamal Abdel Nasser’s attitude toward Israel? Did it change as a result of his country’s stunning defeat in the Six-Day War? Was the Egyptian president willing to achieve a political settlement with Israel? Did Israel miss an opportunity to reach an agreement with Nasser? These are some of the questions with which historians and political commentators have been grappling for decades, while offering views that differ in terms of nuance, or more fundamentally, from the canonical version of events.

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Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia

Iran has Driven Israel and the Gulf Arab States Together

Published in the Washington Post.

Quietly since 2002, several Sunni Arab rulers have shifted away from their long-standing hostility toward Israel to focus on the threat posed by Iran.

They have acted in accordance with the Arab Peace Initiative, also known as the Saudi peace plan, which called on the Arab League to terminate belligerency with Israel. It also envisioned a comprehensive peace agreement with Israel in exchange for Israel withdrawing to the June 4, 1967 lines and agreeing to “a just solution to the Palestinian refugee problem” that accorded with “UN General Assembly Resolution 194 while rejecting all forms of patriation.”

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