Michael Sharnoff is Associate Professor of Middle East Studies and Director of Regional Studies at the Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security. He holds a Ph.D. in Middle East Studies from King’s College, London, and his research interests include the Arab-Israeli conflict, Islamist movements, and the contemporary Middle East.

Dr. Sharnoff has congressional experience on Capitol Hill; worked at influential policy centers in Washington; and publishes frequently on the Middle East. His articles have appeared in major publications including Foreign Policy Research InstituteBegin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, Huffington Post, An Nahar, Al Arabiya, and Palestine-Israel Journal.

Dr. Sharnoff is the author of Nasser’s Peace: Egypt’s Response to the 1967 War with Israel (New York: Routledge, 2017). Order now on Amazon or via Taylor & Francis!

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