Weekend Thinking: Mideast Public Service Announcement

For those interested in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Corey Gil-Shuster, a Canadian-born peace activist, has done the public a great service. Through his YouTube page, he accepts provocative and inquisitive questions about the conflict, and then goes and interviews random Israelis and Palestinians on their thoughts.

Many Q&A are thought provoking and challenge conventional wisdom about attitudes and perceptions of the conflict. There is also a humorous clip when Corey travels around Tel Aviv asking restaurant owners “Why did the Israelis steal hummus from the Arabs.”

Corey deserves praise for his efforts because he provides unique perspectives of what Israelis and Palestinians on the ground really think. Their responses reveal a more human-side to the conflict and help dispel popular stereotypes and misinformation. The moderate and tolerant responses from Israelis and Palestinians also show just how out of touch extremists – who often live outside the conflict zone – are in their views and with reality.

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