John Bolton’s Syria Policy [Interview]

Ambassador John Bolton views Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as an obstacle to peace. However, he perceives Iran, a powerful Assad ally, as a bigger threat. Bolton will likely avoid confronting Assad directly to prevent a clash with Russia, another principal Assad ally because it is believed that President Trump admires President Putin. Therefore, Bolton may propose weakening Assad … More John Bolton’s Syria Policy [Interview]

Why Russia will Prevail in Syria

Published in the Washington Post. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claims that Syrian and Russian warplanes killed more than 500 civilians, including 121 children, in Eastern Ghouta from Feb. 18 through Sunday. Moscow denies direct involvement, despite having deployed military forces in support of the Syrian government since 2015. This weekend, after initial resistance, … More Why Russia will Prevail in Syria

Why Russia will Prevail in Syria [Interview]

The US does not have a coherent strategy in Syria. At times Washington has advocated different agendas such as humanitarian relief, Assad’s resignation, and the defeat of Islamic State. Russia, on the other hand, has always had a clear and consistent strategy:  defending its ally, Assad. In 2015, Russia deployed military force in support of the government which … More Why Russia will Prevail in Syria [Interview]

The Syrian Morality Test

Published in the Huffington Post on Aug. 16, 2012. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), which comprises 57 nations and represents Muslims worldwide, has agreed to suspend Syria’s membership for the extreme brutality of Bashar Assad’s regime. Iran, Syria’s sole Middle Eastern ally, rejects the decision.

Dajani: The George Washington of Syria

Amjad Dajani writes in a guest column for Levantine Routes It is without a doubt that we are witnessing history repeat itself. A career military man has rebelled against an army he previously served and founded an army of ragtag revolutionaries to fight against despotism. No, this not a re-telling of George Washington’s revolutionary career … More Dajani: The George Washington of Syria

Assad’s Fate

Nick Ottens, a Dutch journalist and analyst at the geopolitical consulting firm Wikistrat, has a new piece in the Atlantic Sentinel in which he examines prospects for Assad’s survival and if he will seek refuge in an Alawite enclave in northwest Syria. Apart from his own analysis, Ottens includes insights from other Middle East specialists … More Assad’s Fate

Olmert: Aleppo and the Future of Syria

Josef Olmert writes in a guest column for Levantine Routes The battle for Aleppo, Syria’s second largest city, is not “the decisive last battle” of the Syrian civil war.  The conflict is clearly leading to the removal of the current leadership from Damascus, as well as Aleppo, but not necessarily from Syria.  The Assad-Alawite –Ba’th … More Olmert: Aleppo and the Future of Syria