Middle East Background Reading

I would like to share a list of background reading on the modern Middle East. This list is by no means exhaustive, but provides a basic understanding of a very complex and fascinating region. Continue reading “Middle East Background Reading”


New Issue From The Palestine-Israel Journal

The Palestine-Israel Journal, an independent quarterly publication run by Israelis and Palestinians in Jerusalem, has a new issue which examines the dramatic challenges facing Israeli and Palestinian civil society in 2012.

I am thrilled that my article which explores the role of nonviolent Palestinian third parties as an alternative to Fatah and Hamas is featured in the journal. I will post the full text when it becomes available.


Levantine Routes Readership

Levantine Routes has reached a global audience in a short time period.  I wanted to thank all the readers and contributors who enjoy this site.  Apart from the United States, fans this past month have come predominately from Iraq, Israel, the United Kingdom, Myanmar, Australia and Lebanon.

Thank you for your continued interest!