What Can You Do with a CofC History Degree?


Published in the College of Charleston Department of History.

College of Charleston had a profound impact on my understanding and appreciation for history in general and Middle Eastern studies in particular. I am a South Carolina native and have always been fascinated in history and foreign affairs, ever since a family trip to the Middle East when I was a teenager. So it wasn’t a surprise when I decided to major in History. I arrived at College of Charleston enthusiastic about my studies, inspired by childhood trips to faraway lands.

The 9/11 terrorist attacks occurred during my first semester at the College of Charleston. I subsequently enrolled in as many courses relating to Islam and the Middle East as possible, hoping to better understand this complex and dynamic region. CofC’s academic experience provided a strong foundation for my appreciation and understanding of the history, politics and culture of the region, and piqued my curiosity. At the time, I was not entirely sure about my career direction, but I knew I liked research, writing and interacting in diverse settings. I enjoy challenges and over time excelled in articulating complex and critical issues relating to the Middle East. Continue reading “What Can You Do with a CofC History Degree?”