October 1-8, 2012 Links

Jordan, a nation which lacks natural resources and is heavily dependent on foreign assistance, is a strong US ally. While King Abdullah has prevented “Arab Spring” uprisings like in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen and Syria, he faces unprecedented challenges. A growing number of Jordanians are advocating that Jordan transform from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy. A few have faced criminal charges for directly criticizing the King.

The main stream media does not provide much coverage on Jordan. Here are some interesting stories from last week in case you missed.

Jordan King Dissolves Parliament, Calls New Polls” AFP
In Biggest Protest, Jordan Islamists Demand Change” Reuters
Arab Spring Knocks on Jordan’s Door” The Voice of Russia
Jordan Appoints Israel Ambassador after Two-Year Break” BBC
EU Extends 40 Million Euros to Support Jordan’s Reform Process” Europe Online Magazine

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